Benefits of a Rowing Machine Workout

Benefits of a Rowing Machine Workout

Many people are trying to make the most of their time at the gym or during their home workout routine. The truth is, a workout doesn’t necessarily need to take a long time. The best workouts for the metabolism are the ones that target big muscles and hit a challenging level of intensity. Shorter bursts of energy will pay off big time.


Rowing Machine


A rowing machine workout should be part of any good exercise routine. If a person isn’t currently using one, now is a good time to start. For those that prefer to workout at home, consider the JTX Freedom Rower which is a top rated rowing machine. rowperfect cost rowing exercise will tax glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, arms and back. It is also considered low impact so there is no worry about stressing the joints.


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The breakdown of the rowing effort should be 60% legs & glutes, 20% core and 20% arms/back. Clearly, this is mainly about legs. Our set by step instructions will guide one through the perfect rowing stroke and ensure that it is being done properly. It is important to go about this exercise in the right manner to hit the highest intensity and get a break to lower the heart rate, relax muscles and flush out lactic acid. Once the foundations are in place and the technique is down, set a goal to do the workout three days per week.


Many times, when someone tries out a new piece of equipment they spend more time analyzing the display screen and buttons than they end up spending doing the actual workout. Luckily when it comes to rowing there are only three things to focus on. These include strokes-per-minute, time/500M and time elapsed.


Investing in a proper piece of equipment for home use has many positive sides to it. Whether a morning person or a night owl, no matter when one decides they can fit in a workout it can be done at the drop of a hat without having to pack a bag and get in the car to drive to the gym. If the kids are asleep and someone just wants to get a quick workout in before turning in themselves, it is handy to have something at home that can give a high intensity workout. Not only this, having the ability to listen to a favorite play list or watch a tv show in the privacy of one’s own home is another highlight.


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